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Why is it that the biggest newspapers report on how many people lose their jobs and the lengthening of unemployment lines - but don't report the reasons for these developments?

Why don't they report how 80,000 illegal immigrants in our state of Colorado have depressed wages, cost Americans their jobs and continue to use our state's resources in schools, medical services and infrastructure?

Why is it that the president and Congress did not protect us from illegal immigration before Sept. 11 and have done nothing since? Why have 500,000 illegal immigrants been able to cross our borders in the past year with our useless homeland security?

I challenge the News to report on why our senators, congressman and women and governor won't stop illegal immigration. It's a travesty of irresponsibility toward those who elected them, when we are not defended against "ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION"

Concerned Citizen  F. W.  Louisville, CO

Bush's plan stated as of Wed. Jan 7th 2004

The plan would, he said:

"Make America safer by giving the government a better idea of who was crossing U.S. borders.
Bolster the economy by meeting employers’ needs for willing low-wage workers.
Fulfill a mandate for compassion by guaranteeing the rights and legitimacy of illegal workers. Employers would have to pay them the minimum wage and their Social Security taxes.
Provide incentives to entice those workers to go back to their homelands — a nod to conservatives who oppose any reward to those who enter the United States illegally. The incentives include allowing them to collect retirement benefits in their home countries based on Social Security taxes paid in the United States."




( Immigration is good, it is what created our Great Country.   Yes everyone is welcome.
 Do it the legal way !!!! )

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