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 The other day as I was driving to work, I turned on the radio and heard an ongoing conversation about the infamous "them" wanting to abolish the honor roll system in schools, so that those who don't attain it won't "feel bad."
 What is happening?

Any child that makes the honor roll WORKS for it. Why do we allow a few "kooks" to determine everything? Yes, I am a mother, but my children are way past school age. However, if "they" are allowed to succeed in abolishing the honor roll (and probably the National Honor Society) it essentially is another attack on all children. Perhaps the thinking behind this absurd movement is to ultimately gain control of children's minds.

If a child puts forth effort, and obtains a place on the honor roll, that child just might present a threat -- after all, he/she just might not buy into the propaganda that passes for classroom learning these days. We have allowed the dumbing down of America for too long.
The lessons of history have been glossed over, perhaps to prevent any child from learning from the mistakes of the past. School is not a child care service, but should be a time of learning.

If parents continue to sit back and allow greater "pablum" to be fed to their children, this country is in trouble. I mean absolutely no disrespect for any profession I'm going to mention, but let's face it, we can't all be CEO's -- someone HAS to fix the cars! Every person has been given different talents and abilities, and together we make a complete picture.

There will always be "slow learners" (I dislike that term very much) but to try to force everyone to underachieve so that little Johnny/Susie won't "feel bad" is WRONG!

Maybe we should also ban all sports from schools, after all someone who doesn't make the team just might "feel bad" and we can't have that now, can we? If anyone reading this has any further information about this elimination of the honor roll movement, please share it!


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