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Hello Hollywood entertainment community and to all my friends and loved ones. I have been the recipient of many thoughts via email about the current war in Iraq. I have never started an email before with the intent of it moving around the country. I am starting one now! I am in favor of our right to speak our mind in this great country of ours. Some (not all) of Hollywood has chosen to speak out in a very disrespectful way regarding the currant situation in Iraq. We are all entitled to our opinion about the subject. I am, however, very disgusted at the abuse of position that is taking place within this country's "entertainment community".

Our country has allowed this hollywood entertainment community segment of our population to become far too powerful. These are people who entertain us. They are not more intelligent than the rest of us. They are not more informed than the rest of us. They are not more privy to international intelligence than we are. Yet, many in this community use their fame and their "beloved status" in this country to try to guide public opinion. They, like we, are entitled to their opinion. However, they are using that fame as a platform to display negative behaviors toward our president, our country and our military in front of our children. Many of our children are far too caught up in our entertainment industry and seem to be quite influenced by them. I don't like or want war but sometimes it is the only answer when we become aware that we are now the hunted. September 11th became horrific evidence of that!

My son-in-law is bravely sitting in the desert in the Middle East right now serving in our Air Force. My daughter and our families anxiously await news about him daily. I will not stand by and listen to the hollywood entertainment community anti-American rhetoric from these power-abusing entertainers any longer! I am ready to do something about it. They have a right to speak, and so do we! We can speak back to them with our money. (They do love our money!) The polls are showing that about 70% of America is in support of freeing the Iraqi people from a madman dictator. The polls show that about 70% of America is in support of ridding this man of his ability to use the weapons of mass destruction against us and other nations. The polls show that about 70% of America is in favor of keeping this madman from torturing any more of the Iraqi people. Let the same 70% of us vow to boycott the movie theaters for the next several months. Imagine what would happen to the entertainment community if we STOPPED going to movies all together. I'm going to send them a message. I'm not going to support their industry for a while. Can you do the same? It's time to bring out the board games! Play with your children. Find something else to do other than going to a movie. If the impulse comes over you to see something from Hollywood, fight the urge and ride your bike. Do ANYTHING but support the entertainment community for a while!

Please send this to everyone you know. The internet is such a powerful tool. If we can send jokes around the world in a few days, we should be able to send this throughout the U.S. in the blink of an eye! It's time to BOYCOTT HOLLYWOOD! Let's see if we can make an impact.

Support our President, our Nation and our Troops!


A woman who is proud to be an American!!!

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Hollywood Entertainment Community
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Hollywood Entertainment Community
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