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Have Faith America
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Tamara will recite Have Faith America.

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In the face of this darkness,
where should I be—
pining and weeping,
no faith inside me?

My heart is aching,
I’ve come to my end.
Is there no one out there
I can call friend?

When my beloved country
is shattered and still,
and I can no longer
control my own will…

Who says, “I’m there for you,”
who dries my tears,
as we in America
face some lean years?

Who drives the enemy
from our front door—
plays hard-ball with countries
on foreign shores?

Who will there be
to protect, and to save
the old Constitution,
the ‘Home of the Brave?’

It won’t be our leaders
who pad their own way
with tax-payer dollars
to retire on someday.

They’ve long forgotten
who’s really boss,
looking down pious noses—
letting us take the loss.

‘We the People’ have memories
of much better times.
You’ll not take them from us
with smooth talk, and sweet rhymes.
For, WE have the power,
we have the pride
to shout out to God
to help, and to guide.

When worries are constant—
our world’s filled with fears,
we’ll just call up yonder
knowing He always hears.

He’ll stand beside us
thru’ thick and thru’ thin,
lifting us from this flame
of iniquity’s den.

Our faith will grow stronger—
who knows where this ends?
But I feel in my heart,
REAL CHANGE ‘round the bend.

So pray even stronger
to let our country stand tall
with fire in her belly,
and FREEDOM for all.

Again to take back
what our birth-rite once gave—
to love this land greatly,
and be no man’s slave.

The Master is watching—
atheists beware
when you hear Gabriel’s horn
blasting thru’ the thin air.

For our Lord will conquer,
our Lord will win,
and American people
will thrive once again.

Tamara Hillman

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