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Vote For The Best Man Not the PartyI for one am very confused over the politics of our county. I am near 50 in age, and can not understand why anyone would vote for a man because of party. I was always taught that a person was only as good as their word.  Not the word that is put into their mouths by a party line. And certainly not by the words put there by special interests money.

How can you possibly believe in anyone when they only say what will get them elected and not what they really believe in. How can a party nominate a person by the criteria of who can beat the other party, and not by his views. Is it just me or is the system a little off. We listen to the debates, and watch the campaign news, but we can't believe in any of it.

Vote Your ConscienceWhy is it that they can collect millions in funds to use in the campaign, to disguise and distort the facts. When on the other hand they tell us that we can't afford to feed our poor and give medical to those in need. Seems to me that there is plenty of money in this country, if it was put to the right uses. America spends more than any other country on health care and it seems everyone still is struggling with their doctor and prescription bills. The truth is that half the people I know have no health care at all.

I do not pretend to know how to fix the problem.

Neither one of the parties seems to be working for the whole of the USA. They both seem to be working for their own groups of money donating companies. You hear stories of how the Congress and the Senate work,
One votes for this bill, not because it is the right thing , but because the one sponsoring the bill will vote his way next time. Isn't it about time that our elected officials do things because they are right?

Voting Box on Elections Voting Box on Elections Voting Box on Elections

One final thought.
25 countries have a higher standard of living than we do.
And they all have a different kind of government than we do.

Signed, Independent Voter


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