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More Ideas from Steven Rapelje for President

     I plan to have a publicized list of people who are hurting the American way of life. Their corruption and bribery will be exposed…

     About Integrity, I will lead by example: you will not see me, or my administration wasting money. We are a land of laws and majority rule. All laws will be enforced, and the will of the people will be strictly followed.

     About Illegal Aliens, I will order troops returning home from war, to be deplowed to our southern border states, (perhaps 80,000 troops): their mission, first protect our United States citizens, and then assist in whatever way they can to enforce the laws against illegal immigration. If and when Mexico asks for our assistance in dealing with drug trafficking cartels, I will help to rid America of these criminals near our boarders.

     Health Care, I will work toward national health care for all US Citizens. The people need, and deserve health care. Today's health care is unfair to all, some pay far too much when they don't use it, while others pay nothing, and abuse the system. We need to take the profits out of health care. It is unfair for insurance companies to pay one price for a procedure, while the person paying cash gets charged a higher price. Health insurance companies need to be eliminated. It will still take about the same amount of people to administer health care, so the amount of jobs will remain the same. No one should go bankrupt because of health problems. No one should suffer because they lack health care. Lets fix this problem ASAP.

     Federal Parks, I propose all of America's working poor have free access.

     Drill for Oil, I think this is a necessary evil. The quest for better energy resources should be pursued in a more vigorous fashion. Grants to colleges and businesses that are studying the future uses of cleaner more productive energy should be more readily available in order to expedite sustainable fuels. Clean air and water is a priority.

     Clean Coal, someone will have to explain this concept to me. It seems to me, burning coal is polluting the planet, and harmful to it’s people.

     Lobbyists, will be put in their place, period! While most are undoubtedly scrupulous, some lobbyists have been known to grease a palm or two where persuasion falls short.

     Election finance, if given the chance, I would be delighted to sign legislation that will level the playing field between the candidates with deep pockets and those without. I want a government that is as free of corruption as possible and giving all individuals the opportunity to hold elected offices regardless of their wealth or connection to big business.

     The military, America should always maintain the best military on the planet. And NO more war in Afghanistan.

     Taxes, why not make taxes fair? The rich will pay their fair share. Tax rates for the rich don't need to change, just eliminate exemptions, and loop holes. Perhaps a one-time windfall tax on the rich is needed. After all, the working person is the source by which they got their riches. We are all equal and deserving in quality of life. The rich who cheat on their taxes will be punished.

     Republicans and Democrats, this gets to the heart of the problem. Why would anyone vote for either party when you know they will go to Washington, and simply not-vote for good legislation because it was proposed by the other party? Something serious is wrong with elected officials who put party and power ahead of the people who elected them.

So let me be clear, I am suggesting you vote for someone who is not affiliated with either party. Someone who will represent YOU exclusively!

Prisons, with around 2,300,000 inmates at any given time in our system, I propose, we start cutting costs here. At the same time problems such as, forest maintenance, garbage recycling, noxious weed control, highway cleanup, and any jobs that would help America to remain the beautiful country she is, should be offered to incarcerated individuals. Those who don't care to use their time to be productive, should lose the perks they are now enjoying behind bars. No Club Med behind bars any longer! I would ask Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona, fame for his ideas, to input on cutting prison costs and luxuries to inmates, when none deserve it.

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