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History of Steven Rapelje

Born – Sacramento California in 1955.

1968 – Moved to Marysville Washington.

1973 – Graduated Marysville / Pilchuck High School.

1974 – Married my sweetheart Rebecca.

Jobs – My major jobs were, newspaper route for 10 years, Boeing for 3 years, owned a drive-thru espresso for 2 years. I've had many labor jobs like washing dishes, janitorial, construction, forest maintenance, home oxygen delivery, boat manufacturing, lumber mills, and a car wash.

One of my favorite jobs was building the home in which we now live. Working on a dairy as a farm mechanic sure was fun also. Yes I'm kind of a jack of all trades.

We have two children. They both have master's degrees, and are doing well. Our daughter is married, has three children of her own and teaches economics. Our son and his wife, live and work in Austin Tx .

Steven and Mocka

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