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Charlie Daniels Speaks Out

An Open Letter To An Atheist:
From Charlie Daniels

written:  January 24, 2005


Mr. Newdow,

Your first foray into American public life a few years ago, when you tried to have "Under God" removed from the Pledge of Allegiance because you were afraid it would negatively influence your little girl, was nothing short of ridiculous.

First of all, you didnít even have custody of the daughter you were so worried about and secondly because the proposal you made was ludicrous.

You see Mr. Newdow, the name of Almighty God does not offend anyone except a few misguided individuals like you who take it upon themselves to impose their microscopic minority views on the vast majority of America.

And youíve made an even sillier proposal that there not be a prayer during President Bushís inaugural. As if you could do away with a two hundred year old tradition by your feeble attempts at a few interviews and protests.

If you were watching the inaugural as I was, you witnessed not one but several prayers not to mention the spiritual songs and the references to God in the Presidentís speech.

You lost, Michael and you always will. In fact, you are just that, a perpetual loser and a fool to boot.

I pity you because you deny the existence of the very God who knew you in your motherís womb, the creator of the air you breathe.

I truly hope and pray that you will have a change of heart before the cold hand of death comes and takes that last breath away. I will promise you, Mr. Newdow, that you will know without a shadow of a doubt that God is real and almighty during your very first second in eternity.

You canít do away with God, you might as well try to make the sun rise in the West or empty the Pacific Ocean one thimble full at a time.

God is, has always been and will always be, Mr. Newdow, and thereís absolutely nothing you can do about it. Even if every person on earth felt the same way you do, all of you together would make not the slightest dent in Godís might.

All the armies that ever marched, no weapon of mass destruction that ever existed, no power or combination of powers in Heaven or earth could move God a millionth of an inch.

Youíre fighting a losing battle and the stakes are the highest possible, youíre not only trying to throw away your own eternal soul, youíre trying to deprive other human beings of hearing and seeing the name of God.

Donít you realize that God sits above the earth and laughs at all your ultra puny attempts to discredit Him? Youíre actually pitiful, preposterous and pathetic, Mr. Newdow, and I have a strong suspicion that youíre not as much of a crusader as a troublemaker who likes the television cameras.

Enjoy your fifteen minutes, Michael, and remember itís nothing compared to eternity.

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels Speaks Out

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Charlie Daniels Speaks Out
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Charlie Daniels Speaks Out
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