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Today my daughter-in-law was telling me about a young man we know in an institution about 75 miles from our little town. He is around 14yrs old, and is a friend of my grandson.  The reason he is there is, that he has attempted suicide twice. Our grandson carries such a burden for this young man, he has told my daughter-in-law that he hopes the parents will home school the boy, instead of sending him back to school, when he is released form the hospital.

 My grandson has chosen to drop out of school, and get his GED. He then hopes to start classes at a Vo-tech, come mid term, because of the way he and his friends are being treated. They aren't into sports, they dress differently than the "jocks", they get good grades, are into music, reading, and studying, instead of drugs and alcohol. So they were labeled as "different". My grandson has had to tolerate a lot of degrading comments, and sad to say, not only by the students, because he has chosen to be "different" by their standards.

 On occasion he and his friends have been called "Gay" because they chose to spend time together, rather that follow the crowd.

My Grandson is not the only student who has chosen to leave this school because of the treatment they have received. One friend managed to graduate early, and has started college this yr. instead of finishing his Sr. yr.

 Another has managed to get into a program that allows him to be at Vo-Tech 1/2 a day, so he only has to attend high school classes 1/2 day. Another 15 yr. old boy, has been harassed and stressed to the point of having ulcers, and will be attending school in another town next yr.

 Last wk there was a fight that started in the cafeteria, moved out into the hall, and a bully was slamming his victim's face into the lockers, the result was the victim receiving a fractured nose. One of the secretaries was over heard saying, "Oh, I knew yesterday this was going to happen, every one was talking about it"

 And no one saw fit to DO anything about it???      Amazing !!!!

 I pray that God will open the eyes and hearts of the people in these communities, where we have administrators who see things like the Shootings at Columbine, and Ft. Gibson, and others, and say "Oh this will never happen at our school, we have 0 tolerance against bullying." 
Well evidently NOT!!!

 Thank you so much for allowing me to get this off my chest, I just don't think this should continue any longer. I don't know what to do about it, maybe someone else will.

 A concerned Grandma

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